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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The culture of Cyclife Aquila Nuclear is driven by our values, “Elite” and “Ethical”, as well as Cyclife’s four guiding principles – “Act collectively”, “Take care”, “Be accountable” and “Feel pride”. These values and principles have a beneficial impact on every aspect of the employee experience and the relationship we cultivate with our clients.

To us, Diversity and Inclusion is straightforward: we embrace all individuals, employees are more effective and successful when they feel valued and included. Although further efforts are required to promote our diversity and inclusion, we are investing a lot to move our company forward to the best practices. We are doing whatever it takes to create a more equitable workplace, including fostering an environment where employees feel comfortable expressing their full potential and implementing Diversity and Inclusion initiatives that benefit all.

Every day, we are motivated by our dedication to Diversity and Inclusion regardless of race, gender, age, religion, identity, or work experience of our people. We will focus more on Diversity and Inclusion in 2024 and the coming years. Our effort to create an environment that helps us grow, change, and work effectively will strengthen our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

Our workforce diversity strengthens us so that we can continue delivering the best solutions to our clients and investing in our people.

Drew Corbett,
Managing Director