XY Punching Machine

The Cyclife Aquila Nuclear team has many years of experience in the nuclear and nuclear medicines industry specialising in the area of remote handling.

The remote handling can be within whole shielded facilities, shielded cells or with contained environments.

Our clients often engage us at the concept stage which normally includes an assessment of the internal process and down selection of the most appropriate remote handling equipment or remotely operated processes. The remote systems can be simple in cell remotely operated lifting beams right through to the remote operation of a complete in cell process.

We have the ability to undertake cold handling trials of processes including maintenance challenges within our full scale Multi Functional Cell (MFC) before proceeding into full detail manufacturing drawings.


PRJ01300-004 Remote handling

  • Feasibility studies and cost options
  • Engineering substantiation and validation
  • Concept design and detail schemes
  • Full size mock up for handling and functionality trials
  • Budget pricing from concept designs and
    detail schemes
  • Detail design and manufacturing drawings for complete system
  • Full manufacturing specification including NDT
  • Manufacture and procurement
  • Full assembly and factory acceptance tests (FATS)
  • Installation and site acceptance tests (SATS)
  • Life Time Quality Records
  • Annual maintenance
  • Spares Management facilities including the complete process
  • Handling and movement of product using MSM’s
  • Handling and movement of product using lifting beams
  • Handling and movement of product using trolleys
  • Cutting and sorting
  • Measurement of product characteristics – mass – size- activity – contents
  • Size reduction and compaction
  • Welding and NDT
  • Low and High temperature processes
  • Chemical processes including synthesis and dispensing for medical isotopes