Aquila Nuclear Engineering - Aquila Multi-Functional Cell 2

Aquila Nuclear Engineering - Aquila Multi-Functional Cell

The Multi-Functional Cell (MFC) consists of a stainless-steel containment, surrounded on the front face by façade shielding and cladding, lead glass window, 2 La Calhene master slave manipulators (MT120), various windows, access ports, glove ports, gland plates and sealing arrangements to allow clients and operators to interact with and trial the In-Cell equipment. These penetrations have been designed and manufactured to both Sellafield and Aquila standards.

The decision to invest in the design and manufacture of a demonstration MFC derives from the level of interest from our nuclear and nuclear medicines clients who want to experience the use of a shielded facility ‘hands on’. Also, this facility is available to use without having to enter a licenced nuclear site. The MFC allows our clients to test their own process or equipment inside the cell to gauge ease of use in operation and for maintenance purposes.

Cyclife Aquila Nuclear is the sole UK distributor for Getinge La Calhene products, all of which are used on containment and shielded facilities. Getinge La Calhene is the world’s leading supplier in manipulators and containment-related equipment and are a principal partner in the production of the MFC. Aquila personnel have received training in France on the full range of Getinge La Calhene products on offer, including manipulators and DPTE posting ports.

The Advantages of our MFC

The advantages of being able to host trials with our client at our site means we can also help with the design and demonstrate our client’s processes.

  • Is the only trails and demonstration facility of its kind in the UK, to include MSMB and lead glass windows
  • Provides a focal point for the UK Hot Cell and Glove Box industries
  • Encourages early engagement with Aquila to focus on the contained and shielded process
  • Demonstrates the capabilities of Aquila and our Supply Chain partners
  • Allows clients to ‘mock up’ their containment design, train operators, trial manipulators and perform equipment trials in an inactive, safe and easy-to-access environment
  • Encourages operator involvement during the design phase and validate operation and maintenance activities
  • Provides a central point for Aquila and our Supply Chain Partners to display product and services information
  • Getinge La Calhene
  • Universal Fabrications
  • Hayneswood 
  • Helander Precision
  • Silchester Controls