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Aquila Nuclear Engineering - Feature Case Studies

Aquila Nuclear Engineering Ltd, part of the Calder Group, the £165m pan-European engineering group, has been awarded the contract to design and manufacture a Drum Housing Unit (DHU) for use with monitors, for the detection of radon by Magnox Limited.

The DHU will be installed at Magnox’s Harwell site to house radioactive waste drums to enable the measurement of radon gas emanating, prior to their transfer to another site for long-term storage. A key area of focus will be achieving a durable and adequate seal to prevent radon gas escaping from the DHU during the monitoring process.

Dave Barker, CEO of Aquila Nuclear Engineering Ltd, said:

“2017 continues to be a great year for Aquila and we are pleased to be awarded this contract with Magnox Limited. Aquila has a vast amount of experience in offering pragmatic and effective solutions to containment challenges. We are looking forward to working with Magnox and adding the Drum Housing Unit to our containment portfolio.”

The scope of the contract includes solutions for the complete DHU housing sealing arrangements, including testing plan and maintenance requirements, all lifting features and connections for vacuum extract and radon monitoring devices. All manufacturing drawings and production of the DHU is within the scope, including the Works Acceptance Testing.