Hot Cell Waste Posting Chute

Project details

Category: Shielded Facilities

Status: Complete

Client: Nuclear Medicines

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Aims and Objectives

Aquila, was asked to undertake a concept design which would allow for the remote posting of active material into a horizontal chute, within a shielded cell, and then empty the  waste directly into a 200 litre drum, outside the cell.

Hot Cell Waste Posting Chute

Project Overview

A suite of legacy hot cells are being decommissioned by a Nuclear Medicines organisation.

The three cells historically, included Zinc Bromide windows with manipulators on the front face with removable sliding doors filled to the back of the cells. The objective over the years has been to empty the activity within the shield cells and decommission the complete facility.


Once again, the Aquila team was engaged right at the start of the project to work with the client’s engineers to develop a simple, commercial solution. We believe this solution could be adapted for other decommission applications.