Waste Posting Facility

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Category: Shielded Facilities

Status: Complete

Client: Healthcare

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Aims and Objectives

Aquila was engaged to design, build and commission two Waste Posting Facilities (WPF). This included compliance with legislations and meeting essential safety requirements.

About the client

The market of nuclear healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services with expertise in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, performance improvement and performance solution services.

Waste Posting Facility

Project Overview

Aquila was awarded the contract to design, manufacture and assemble two Waste Posting Facilities (WPF). A fully shielded containment system designed and manufactured for the removal of decommissioning waste from the existing plant in a safe, controlled and quantified manner. 

The plant consists of a stainless steel containment, enclosed within 100mm of lead shielding, joining the existing plant and the LLW Glovebox. Transfer tunnels containing sliding trays allow transfer of items between areas, controlled by safety system interlocked shielding doors. 

A port in the base of the containment allows a VIP Can to dock within the plant for waste removal. This port also features a tong-operated shield door interlocked with the control system. The VIP Cans are presented in a shielded Cask, set on a transport frame that allows the Cask to be handled and transferred between the WPF and the MHC. The frame is handled and loaded with a fork truck onto the WPF Trolley. 


During the production of the technical specification, Aquila engineers worked with the user’s technical team and assisted with the development of a pragmatic functional specification. This functional specification effectively reduced the containment category classification, resulting in a reduced cost and timescale. In preparation of the solution, Aquila provided a 3D concept model demonstrating all design and operating features which were incorporated into the pricing on an open book basis.