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About CAN 


Set in the beautiful rolling hills of Hampshire, Cyclife Aquila Nuclear is now spread across four units on our Twyford site. Aquila Nuclear Engineering Ltd was formed in 2011 by CEO Dave Barker and Calder Group. Dave threw his 25 years of experience and passion for the growing industry into building a reputable and highly respected business.  

In 2021 Aquila Nuclear Engineering Ltd was acquired by Cyclife Group, a subsidiary of EDF Group. We rebranded to Cyclife Aquila Nuclear in 2023. Along with our international counterparts we continue to attract new talent, create innovative solutions, and expand our footprint in to key sectors within the industry.  

In 2023 we saw Dave Barker step down as CEO in a semi-retirement; but remains in the business as Director of Strategy with Drew Corbett introduced as the new Managing Director. 


Our key capabilities are: 

  • Containment 
  • Shielded Facilities 
  • Remote Handling 
  • Transport & Packaging 
  • Equipment Modification 
  • Multi-cell Functioning 

Employee Benefits 

The CAN mission is to be the most respected and fulfilling nuclear company to work for in the UK. This a value embedded throughout the company. Our Head of People, Dr Nara Ringrose says 

Working for our company enhances your professional career and brings personal and professional satisfaction. Our inclusive culture, diversity and unique people skills make us different and successful!  We prioritise the safety and well-being of our employees by creating a welcoming workplace and actively listening to their feedback.

The text reads

We’re keen to attract new talent into the business and with the revolution of hybrid working becoming the norm, we can spread our net even further. So, if you’re not based near us, don’t let it put you off applying for our roles. We also offer relocation packages where appropriate and flexible working arrangements. 

We want our staff to feel valued and our HR and Recruitment team work hard to offer employees generous health benefits like life assurance, private healthcare, and a Cycle to Work Scheme. 

About the Industry 

We understand that for some people the nuclear industry may feel ethically ambiguous. There are a lot of negative associations of the industry; it’s the nature of our output. But we believe the industry harbours numerous genuinely exciting positives that we believe deserve more recognition: 

  • The UK Government has planned our nuclear capacity to provide 25% of our electricity. (World Nuclear Association, 2023) (World Nuclear Association, 2023). 
  • This commitment was to help reduce our greenhouse gas emission by 100% by 2050. (HM Government, 2020)​.
  • Nuclear Medicine, specifically in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers, is a growing strength in the UK; allowing the UK to be more self-sufficient in their process and less reliant on international supply chains. In fact, the Government is planning to build a new nuclear reactor in Wales focused on the production of radiopharmaceutical isotope for the UK.
  • Breakthroughs in Nuclear Medicine are exciting and on a continued upsurge. Take a look at the article from BNMS on “The London Clinic is UK’s first independent hospital to introduce OncoSilTM – an innovative nuclear medicine to treat pancreatic cancer”. 

Our Professional Partners  

We pride ourselves on upskilling our staff, expanding our collective knowledge and delivering successful and safety conscious projects.  

Partnering with professional bodies and joining industry associations & memberships allows us to offer more opportunities to staff, to stay relevant within the industry and continually provide innovative solutions.  

Some of our industry partners: 

Joining our Team 

Our benefits, industry reputation and project portfolio make this an exciting time to join CAN. We welcome applications from all backgrounds and remain committed to dismantling barriers in potential candidates considering a role with CAN.  

Some of the roles we are currently recruiting for: 

If you are looking for a fulfilling career in a unique industry, take a look at our current vacancies.