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Category: Transport & Delivery/Receipt Trolley

Status: Complete

Client: Nuclear and Nuclear Medicines

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Aims and Objectives

Aquila was awarded the contract to design and manufacture a simple, costeffective transport and delivery trolley, employing proven technology and Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components, wherever possible.

Project Overview

Aquila Nuclear Engineering Ltd has extensive experience in the safe transport and delivery/receipt of radioactive samples used in the nuclear and nuclear medicines industries. Aquila has been involved in many radioactive material transfers and delivery/receipt systems over the years in post irradiation examination (PIE) applications and the radiopharmaceuticals industries.

For this particular project, the samples being transport will have been used for post irradiation examination or preparation and will also include a wide range of radioisotopes.

The Aquila Transport and Delivery Receipt Trolley (ATDRT) has been developed with the following operational parameters:


  • Source-weight of container (including source):  423kg
  • Trolley Mass:  665kg
  • Trolley size: L= 1227mm W= 610mm H= 1033mm

Full Specification

The Aquila Transport Delivery and Receipt Trolley [ATDRT] has been developed to shield the source within a cell integral to the trolley during transport. Once the ATDRT is positioned underneath the hot cell, a gamma gate is manually opened within the trolley and the source is raised into the hot cell employing a manual Bowden cable drive (the same as the brakes on a bicycle). The system provides full shielding throughout posting in/out of shielded cells.